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Faster, easier relay calls.
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Use i711.com and you'll notice a better relay experience right from the start. Why? Only i711 takes you beyond ordinary relay, delivering unique features, exclusive content, and great call tools. But, to get all this, you need to register. Registration is free!

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Smart Dialing. Smart dialing lets you make most of your relay calls in just one click! Make your relay experience great with these "smart dialing" features:

i711.com Phone Book

i711 Phone Book. Store frequently-dialed numbers in one spot. Plus, you can customize how you dial these numbers. For example, you might choose not to offer "relay instructions" for a call to a hearing spouse, but always include these instructions for calls to your doctor. Your preferences are automatically applied to every call.

If you make some calls using AOL Instant Messenger, you can dial any of your i711 Phone Book contacts just by typing their name in AIM. Wherever you have AIM, you also have your i711 Phone Book!

i711 Speed Dial. Instant, one-click dialing of your most frequently called relay numbers. Call your son or daughter's school frequently? Add the number to i711 Speed Dial and you can make your call with one click.

ClickRelayTM. Part of the i711.com Toolbar, ClickRelay automatically highlights every phone number on any web page. Click a phone number to instantly dial it with i711.com. No numbers to cut, paste or memorize.

i711 Recent Calls: Callbacks are easy! i711 Recent Calls stores the last ten phone numbers you've dialed. Redialing any one of them is just a click away.

AIM LogoOne-Step Dialing with AOL Instant Messenger: Do you make some of your relay calls with AIM? No problem. Make most of these calls in one step with i711.com. Just "IM" the number you want to dial to the screen name "i711relay" and i711.com takes care of the rest. You can even make i711.com calls from any wireless device that has AIM installed!


i711.com Custom Calling

Custom Calling. Choose call style (IM or TTY), operator gender, and conversation text color and font size. Save your preferences once, and every call you place through i711.com is handled just the way you want it to be.

i711.com Bonus Features

Artile Icons Bonus Features. You deserve a bonus! i711.com Bonus Features are handy tools and features that take you way beyond ordinary relay. Bonus Features are all free, and include:

i711 Wireless. If you have a wireless device, you can download i711 Wireless for free. This great tool adds the convenience of i711.com to your wireless device so you can make i711.com relay calls wherever you travel.

Exclusive Articles. Weekly columns by noted deaf authors cover topics you care about, including culture, technology, employment, and sports in the deaf and hard of hearing communities, as well as a column that discusses the deaf and hard of hearing communities abroad. See a sample article.

News Logos Community Headlines. Watch headlines from popular community news sources such as Deaf Professional Network, DeafDC.com, 4HearingLoss.com, and others

Technology and World News. Want to know when a new wireless device is coming out? Want the latest news from the New York Times, The San Jose Mercury News, or MSNBC? i711.com delivers the news you're interested in. (Note: access to some content may require additional registration on the news site.)

The i711.com Toolbar with ClickRelay. This free download adds one-click, i711.com relay calling to your Internet browser, and lets you make relay calls from any web site you visit. Just type in or paste a phone number into the i711.com Toolbar, and start your relay call.

i711.com Relay & BeyondRegister for free today, and enjoy all i711 has to offer.


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